Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sydney's park adventure

Today, Sydney and Daddy went to a park alone. It was good for him to play and explore without his big bro Casey dictating the pace and destinations. Sydney was free to roam and meander where ever (within reason) he wanted, and however fast, or slow he wanted. And he took full advantage. He first went for the jungle gym, where he climbed stairs, springs, and metal ladders. He was so brave, trying these without fear. Daddy was there to catch him when he slipped, but undaunted, he kept trying once he was reset. He ventured down some slides by himself; strangely enough, the one apparatus that caused him to repeatedly pause was the suspension bridge portions of the jungle gyms.

From there, he wanted to swing on the swing. So Daddy loaded him in and was pushing him... higher and higher. Sydney had his trademark smile on his face, but above that, he was so happy, he was squealing happy sounds. After he dismounted, he pushed the empty swing, (just like he saw Daddy doing for him)

Next was basketball. He saw big people playing basketball and he fearlessly strolled right onto the court. His game right now consists of passing the ball to Daddy, and praying that I actually make a shot, so he gets credited with an assist. Um, lets just say that neither of us filled the stat sheet today...

After that was a stroll around the park; over the bridge toward the waterfall. He was about to walk right into the pond when I stopped him. Then he started chasing squirrels.

All this resulted in one tired puppy. Little Sydney fell asleep on the short car ride home, and when straight to his crib for a nap, all dirty, sweaty and full of sunscreen. In other words, he went to sleep HAPPY!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pony Rides

Recently, we were invited to a birthday party that featured Pony rides. Apparently, Sydney isnt too fond of pony's at this stage in his life. He does enjoy blowing kisses to people.

Blowing kisses!

Future running back? Looks like he just picked up a fumble and is taking off for the endzone. The football (Dad's water bottle) is safely cradled in his forearm, close to his side. Perfect form!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

F*%K IT (Fork it)

Sydney is developing new skills. Until now, whenever we fed him food, he would 'request' a spoon of his own. To hold, chew, and drop on the floor. But recently, I gave him a fork, and he used it to 'stab' his ravioli's. He stuck one, lifted it to his mouth and ate it. Then he apparently felt that it was too much trouble to align the loaded fork with his mouth. So, he would use the fork to stab the food, then he would grab the ravioli with his free hand and place it in his mouth..

Using a fork to stab his food
Got one on the hook

Hey, I found my mouth!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Thanks to Uncle Ed, the Wang boys can ride as one. We recently inherited Uncle Ed's trail-a-bike. It's a nifty contraption that attaches to a normal bike and allows tandem riding. Add an additional child seat mounted up front, and we have transportation for more occupants than a Smart car. The riding was a little challenging; the added mass and irregular weight distribution created some instabilities. Stupid me chose a path that included a decent incline, so I burned my quads trying to pump us all up the hill. Alas, the maiden voyage was a success, not to mention a hit... Casey now requests to ride 'The Big Bike'