Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oh No You Don't!

Sydney's life as baby brother can many times be tough. Casey likes to knock Sydney over, lay on him, and take his toys.  About a week ago Sydney fought back.  Mommy is in the kitchen trying to make dinner.  Casey and Sydney are in the living room playing.  As has become all to common, mommy hears Sydney crying. Mommy looks out and determines that Casey has taken Sydney's toy.  Mommy goes out gets Casey to give the toy back and tells Casey to stop taking Sydney's toy.  Mommy goes back in the kitchen and resumes making dinner. A few minutes later mommy hears Sydney crying again then she hears Casey crying. Now that's strange Casey is crying and Sydney is grunting. Hmmm, must investigate.  Mommy comes out to find Casey trying to get away with Sydney's toy but Sydney said OH NO YOU DON'T!  and he has Casey by a handful of his hair and is pulling back so that Casey's head is tilted backwards.

On one hand Mommy wants to laugh and say "Good Job Sydney, way to defend yourself!" but on the other hand she doesn't want this to become a habit. So as she starts to walk over, she says "Sydney NO let go of Casey's hair!" He lets go for about 2 seconds then reaches again and grabs another handful and PULLS.  Mommy reaches Sydney and removes his hand from Casey's hair, which took some effort. Casey is crying but after a hug and some kisses he is okay.

So that was a week ago. Did Casey learn his lesson?  No, he still does the same thing and they battle each other all day. They do have moments when they play together and it is great to hear them giggling and playing together but right now Sydney cries more than he giggles when big brother is around.

I love my boys!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trip Pix

Horseplay with Nai Nai and Ye Ye. Notice the smile...

With Nai Nai and big bro at the 'Big Zoo'

Walking in the sand

Daddy and Sydney on the swing. Notice the smile...

Sydney on the swing. Notice the smile... Yes, he absolutely smiles a lot! Like ALL THE TIME!

Sydney on the jungle gym. Playgrounds take on a whole new meaning for Sydney now that he is mobile.

Nai Nai looking out for little Sydney

Standing proud