Thursday, February 24, 2011

A$$ Backwards

It seems Sydney has it all backwards. He likes to sleep during the day, and stay awake at night. Which reeks havoc with everyone's sleep schedule. It's been pretty rough for a few weeks now. We are so fortunate to have great family who have been helping us. Your assistance has been invaluable. Most importantly, it has allowed Mommy and Daddy to get SOME sleep. Based on my experiences thus far, those who had previously warned me are spot on.. Having the second child is more than twice the work. Its most definitely not a linear relationship. More like exponential... As in... the work load increases exponentially with the additional child... So, add in a second child... Bam.. 10 times the work of just one.. Add a third child... 100X the work? I dunno, and I dont want to find out!

Aside from the lack of sleep, everyone is doing well. Sydney is constantly feeding, and the brothers are getting along great. Just this week, Casey has began kissing and hugging his 'baby brother'... All on his own, without any prompting... Just the most adorable thing to see!

Nap time, see ya.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nice to meet you

This weekend Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye made a trek from San Diego to meet their newest grandchild. It appears Sydney has taken to Nai-Nai. She sure has his attention here!

Proud grandpa holding a precious little package.


Sydney had his two week doctor checkup today. The first order of business is to weigh him, so we had to strip him naked, and carry him on this office-provided sheet. I dont know the exact material, but it isn't exactly absorbent. That's all that matters. We get him weighed, and were waiting on the nurse to prepare his shots. Knowing what was coming, and wanting to comfort him, I leaned in close and was whispering in his ear. My upper body was about touching his, hoping it helped him feel safe. Don't really know what he felt, 'cept the urge to relieve himself. When I finally stood up straight, I looked at my shirt... SOAKED. Like a giant spot, maybe 4-5" in diameter, soaked.. I likely could have wrung it out.. But I didn't.. I went straight to the sink, amid laughter from my wife and the nurse, and diluted the pee with water; then I wrung it out. Looking back at the bed, there was a small puddle on the surface, and a few drops on that sheet. But I definitely took the brunt of that one.

I made it through 2+ years of fatherhood without getting hit... My streak is now over.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Just a few of quick photographs. To me, they illustrate just how precious a newborn baby is... Here's the little, little guy, three whole days into his life!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Magic Month of May

Two babies, both born on Feb. 3rd... Doing the math backwards, it appears that May is a magic month around the Wang household. If I even look at my wife during the month of May... bam.. prego!

Thus, I've decided to spend one hour each day in the month of May, soaking in the hot tub... Kill any of my little swimmers....

Friday, February 4, 2011

The specs

Sydney Bing Xian Wang

Born: 2-3-11
Weight: 7 lbs 4.6 oz
Length: 19"

This pic is special.. First kiss!

I think this one is gonna have SOME personality...

Peeking at Daddy...

Sticking out his tongue at Daddy...

Here I go again!

Deja vu, all over again.

Yesterday started out like any other day. For me, that meant going to work. Mommy went to a doctor appointment to check on the baby's progress. Long story short, but the doc suggested Mommy come home and have sex with Daddy! Thanks doc, I'll pay you that $5 later.(Apparently, my bribe not withstanding, sex is one activity that helps the pregnancy process along). Guess it makes sense, that act that starts all this madness apparently can bookend usher in the finish too.. Alas, I didn't get lucky.. at least not in that way... Apparently Seahorse didn't want any part of that... So, he decided to speed things up a little. About 1PM I was told, 'Come home now, we gotta goto the hospital'. We get to the hospital between 2 and 3PM. About 4 big pushes later, Seahorse ummm, peeked his head out. He was born 2-3-11 at 3:57PM...

I wonder if he knew his older brother was born on 2-3-09... at approximately 4:30pm... Is this the first salvo in a long sibling rivalry?.... Like "Ha,ha I beat you by a half hour..."