Monday, July 25, 2011

Outta Order

These photos were taking back in April, 2011. Sydney was about 2 months old at the time. I just recently found them on a rogue memory card in my camera bag.

Sydney staring at Mommy.

Hey, what's that bright light over there?

Oh cool, you're taking my picture.. Hold on, lemme give you my killer smile...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lil Gorilla

Who looks like a gorilla?

"Ohh, ohh, ohh me!!!"

My Days

Hi guys. I'm doing OK these days. I recently figured out how to sit up on my own. Good thing too, cause my sumo-sized legs didn't really fit into my bumbo seat. This sitting up stuff is pretty cool, but after awhile, I get tired, and just tip over.

The human body is really complex. I spend time trying out all the stuff that is attached to me. These arms, fingers, legs; they're all connected and all move in a bunch of directions.

Sometimes, it is pretty overwhelming, and I get tired.

My big brother is pretty cool to me. He gives me hugs and kisses. He even tries to comfort me when I cry. (Too bad he doesn't know his own strength; he 'pats' me kinda hard sometimes, but I know he means well) He even shares his trucks with me. I know how hard it is for him to share his toys with others, so it really means a lot to me that he is willing to share with me.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hang in there little buddy

Here is a quick shout-out to my little-little man. Daddy and Casey are in SD for a couple days, we left you behind with Mommy so you can get 'sleep-trained'. As I understand it, there is a technique to teaching babies how to sleep. Pardon my ignorance, but my understanding is rather limited. My interpretation of the technique is that you let the kid cry for a certain amount of time. I assume you stand outside his bedroom with a stopwatch, and earplugs? At predetermined intervals, you go in and see him, essentially to let them know that, 'yeah, I hear you, but... suck it up... and my old favorite.. it's for your own good'... Eventually, after X amount of intervals, the kid is supposed to tire of crying and goto sleep. Anyhow, if you want more details, or even an accurate description, goto the CIA website, and do a search for water-boarding-sleep training- torture.

Sydney, from the reports I am getting, you are like your Daddy. You have very little patience for crying babies. It appears you have chosen to just say f- it, and quit crying and instead goto sleep. Congrats little buddy. I sincerely hope you aren't suffering too much, and it really does hit in the heart when we hear you cry.

I'll see you soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't Fumble

Way back when, when I used to play football, one of the things that my coaches stressed was, "Don't fumble". After all these years, the words still apply. Tonight was Sydney's first shower with Daddy. I was holding him and getting him wet. I kept thinking, "Just don't fumble". Once I got him wet, it was on to the next step... Soap. Now, I'm holding him with one arm, soaping him up with the other. Didn't think about the fact that a wet, soapy baby is one slippery unit. "Just don't fumble" I was concentrating extra hard to maintain a firm grip on the ball.. err, my son. In order to expose all parts to the soap and water, I had to do some re-shuffling; flips, inter-arm transfers, spins... I managed to complete all these without fumbling...