Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two for One (Sydney edition)

As many of you may know, Casey and Sydney were both born on the same day... Exactly two years apart. Today we celebrated Casey's 3rd birthday and Sydney's 1st birthday. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great turnout. Friends, family, a taco caterer and a balloon artist all helped us celebrate. Props to Mommy who did a wonderful job preparing. And a special thanks to cousin Ashley who spent a week with us, helping out. Without them, the party would not have happened.

Mommy baked him a personal birthday cake. All for him to do as he pleased.

Sydney spent most of his time looking around, and soaking everything in. This was quite possibly the biggest party he has experienced to date. In viewing the photos below, it should become obvious what the highlight of Sydney's day was... CAKE!!!

Sydney with his Nanny, Rei.

Sydney laughing at his big brother trying to blow out candles.

Just getting started on his personal birthday cake.

The damage isn't too bad so far... Yet.


Friday, January 27, 2012


Sydney has broken through. He took his first steps... Last night, he was taking some steps, but he was very camera shy. Anytime he saw a video camera, he would react by plopping down on his behind. This time, maybe he was ultra-focused on Dad, or Cousin Ashley was just stealth with the Iphone camera... but he performed for the camera.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gettin Close

Sydney is getting oh so close to walking. He can (unknowingly) balance himself standing up for a few seconds... Until he realizes he isn't holding on to anything and quickly sits on his butt. His older brother can't wait for him to walk, he is so anxious to play chase with him. Right now, they play their own version of chase, with Casey running wild, and Sydney crawling like mad trying to keep up with him.

Stay tuned, with any luck, we'll have a video of Sydney's first independent steps soon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Step Ladder

Sydney is at that stage where the coolest thing in the world is the remote control. Not the little plastic play ones that come with his toys; only the real thing will do. This evening, I was down on the floor playing with Sydney. Multitasking, I was controlling the TIVO when he wasn't looking. Once, he turned around unexpectedly, and saw GOLD!!... the remote control in Daddy's hand. I quickly tossed it on the couch, out of reach... or so I thought. Sydney, who is just learning to balance and stand up, managed to stand on my leg, then he hoisted one leg up to my shoulder, and used the leverage to SIT ON MY HEAD. This gave him the proper height to reach the remote control!

Gotta give him credit; resourceful little one...