Friday, September 9, 2011

Your turn

Fact of life kid. Your hair is gonna grow. You're gonna need to get it cut. In what has now become a Wang tradition, we apparently have to humiliate you during your first haircut.

Big Bro experienced it

Since we already had a template on how this is done, we set Sydney out and wet his hair. Having been thru the wars once, we kinda knew what to expect... Or so we thought. Sydney's hair posed unique challenges. Hard to describe, but it grows naturally like a mohawk. The sides and back don't grow much at all, but the top grows like wildfire. 'Cept its really thin. This made it really hard to cut, especially cut straight. Sydney didn't squirm much, likely cause he didn't have access to a mirror to see what we were doing to him!

Before: Happy, but he doesn't know what's coming...

Natural Mohawk style


Cute kid, jacked up haircut!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Football Season

Fall is here, and that means football season. Sydney's first. We had the USC game on the big screen, and Sydney got in the spirit!

When his big bro wasnt looking, Sydney jacked his favorite dog.

Friday, September 2, 2011

What's the difference?

Sydney has been introduced to solid foods. Normally, Mommy takes care of the feedings. Under certain circumstance, such as when Mommy was gone for the day, Daddy has attempted to take care of the feedings. For some reason, Sydney does not care to eat off Daddy's spoon. So, today, Mommy was feeding him some oatmeal. He was opening his mouth wide, and Mommy was shoveling the food down the hatch. Then came a voluntary shift change: Daddy took over feeding duty. And suddenly, Sydney wouldn't eat, rather he cried and cried. So, Mommy took over again... and voila, he ate the whole bowl...

If you look close at this photo, you will see remnants of tears under his left eye. (From when Daddy was attempting to feed him) Notice the wide open mouth, and the spoon full of oatmeal about to enter the mouth (Mommy is currently feeding him)

When Mommy does it, it isn't very messy!

Sitting, grabbing, gnawing

Little Sydney is doing great these days. He has recently learned to roll over. (I'm working on a video of this huge milestone). Not only has he figured out how to roll over, he can string together multiple rolls, and roll and roll; until an obstacle such as a couch or a fence stops him... Then he gets stuck and starts crying!

He is sitting up on his own, and can transition from a sitting position to a roll. He passes a lot of his time by grabbing things.. and often putting them in his mouth to gnaw on.