Thursday, August 25, 2011

S*it the bed

I came home and immediately saw a stack of laundry on the washer. I walked upstairs and saw another pile of um, soiled laundry on the bathroom counter. I walked past Sydney's portable crib and saw it was bare... stripped down, to its poles and nets. I walked into the kitchen, and saw a bunch of Sydney's toys soaking in the sink, with an empty carton of disinfectant nearby. As if I couldn't have pieced together what happened, I was told Sydney had an accident in his portable bed. Although I didn't witness the bombing, based on the physical evidence I reviewed, I have reconstructed the sequence of events. Sydney nuked his diaper. The diaper couldn't contain the volume, the 'stuff' leaked out onto the bed sheets. Either by accident, or on purpose, Sydney sloshed around in the 'stuff' smearing it about. Once the stuff was sufficiently spread about, he got his hands in it... and subsequently handled his toys. A lot of his toys are chew toys... IE: they go directly from hand to mouth... Yuck..

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