Friday, September 2, 2011

What's the difference?

Sydney has been introduced to solid foods. Normally, Mommy takes care of the feedings. Under certain circumstance, such as when Mommy was gone for the day, Daddy has attempted to take care of the feedings. For some reason, Sydney does not care to eat off Daddy's spoon. So, today, Mommy was feeding him some oatmeal. He was opening his mouth wide, and Mommy was shoveling the food down the hatch. Then came a voluntary shift change: Daddy took over feeding duty. And suddenly, Sydney wouldn't eat, rather he cried and cried. So, Mommy took over again... and voila, he ate the whole bowl...

If you look close at this photo, you will see remnants of tears under his left eye. (From when Daddy was attempting to feed him) Notice the wide open mouth, and the spoon full of oatmeal about to enter the mouth (Mommy is currently feeding him)

When Mommy does it, it isn't very messy!

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