Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yo.. Feed me, will ya?

Sydney is growing fast. And eating a lot. One of his favorite places is Soupplantation, where he can do some serious damage. He is all about finger foods. To him, pretty much everything is a finger food. Lay whatever on his placemat in front of him, and he'll pick it up and eat it. I recently learned, same goes for feeding him at home. Yesterday, we were having lunch, and I heated up these baby ravioli's. They come in these microwaveable bowls. Nuke for 30 seconds, drain the liquid and serve. I started out placing 4-5 of these mini ravioli's on his tray, and then tried to choke down some food of my own. About half way thru my first bite, Sydney was pointing, and b!tching at me to give him more. I soon realized that rationing his portions was useless, I finally dumped the entire bowl on his tray, and told him, "Have at it".. That at least bought me time to eat my sandwich... Soon enough though, he mowed thru the ravioli's.. and wanted more. So I heated up another batch, (different flavor) and dumped those on his tray as well.

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