Thursday, February 24, 2011

A$$ Backwards

It seems Sydney has it all backwards. He likes to sleep during the day, and stay awake at night. Which reeks havoc with everyone's sleep schedule. It's been pretty rough for a few weeks now. We are so fortunate to have great family who have been helping us. Your assistance has been invaluable. Most importantly, it has allowed Mommy and Daddy to get SOME sleep. Based on my experiences thus far, those who had previously warned me are spot on.. Having the second child is more than twice the work. Its most definitely not a linear relationship. More like exponential... As in... the work load increases exponentially with the additional child... So, add in a second child... Bam.. 10 times the work of just one.. Add a third child... 100X the work? I dunno, and I dont want to find out!

Aside from the lack of sleep, everyone is doing well. Sydney is constantly feeding, and the brothers are getting along great. Just this week, Casey has began kissing and hugging his 'baby brother'... All on his own, without any prompting... Just the most adorable thing to see!

Nap time, see ya.

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