Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sydney had his two week doctor checkup today. The first order of business is to weigh him, so we had to strip him naked, and carry him on this office-provided sheet. I dont know the exact material, but it isn't exactly absorbent. That's all that matters. We get him weighed, and were waiting on the nurse to prepare his shots. Knowing what was coming, and wanting to comfort him, I leaned in close and was whispering in his ear. My upper body was about touching his, hoping it helped him feel safe. Don't really know what he felt, 'cept the urge to relieve himself. When I finally stood up straight, I looked at my shirt... SOAKED. Like a giant spot, maybe 4-5" in diameter, soaked.. I likely could have wrung it out.. But I didn't.. I went straight to the sink, amid laughter from my wife and the nurse, and diluted the pee with water; then I wrung it out. Looking back at the bed, there was a small puddle on the surface, and a few drops on that sheet. But I definitely took the brunt of that one.

I made it through 2+ years of fatherhood without getting hit... My streak is now over.

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