Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sydney's Life

Sydney just passed the 4 month mark. In some respects the time goes by so fast. Here is a brief synopsis of what he is doing these days. He has developed his neck muscles, so he is able to sit upright in a Bumbo seat.

His Mommy recently fed him ice cream for the first time. He didn't really have much of a reaction. His expression just said, "WTH? This stuff feels weird, and tastes weird too!" As you can see, not a huge percentage actually got into his system. Most is accounted for in the tower of drool, and the volume of liquid responsible for soaking his shirt.

Sydney has developed quite a grip. He can grab my hand, and return force when I try to pull away. I am attempting to teach him to pull my finger... He hasn't yet, but I will surprise him when he finally obeys my command. His big brother is very fond of him, and from time to time, they will hold hands...

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