Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coffee Stain

Daddy took the boys to the beach yesterday. Solo... We were having a good time; Casey was playing in the sand, and I was holding Sydney, first in the Baby Bjorn and then just holding him against my chest. As I had him against my body, I was shifting his position... and noticed a large, brown-ish yellow stain on the front of my shirt. Kinda like a coffee stain... except, I don't drink coffee! Uh oh... investigating the next most probable scenario, I turn Sydney over.. and the back of his onesie has a matching stain.. I guess the sand on his fingers that he stuck in his mouth to suck on acted as a laxative. I will spare you the gruesome photos.. But only because I have found its pretty difficult to watch two boys and take photos at the same time...

I managed to change his soiled diaper... Lets just say it was a SLOW pit stop. By now, I have changed my share of diapers. But usually, it's done in a controlled environment. Changing table, diapers, butt cream, baby wipes all laid out and handy. This was on the sand, at the beach, in the wind. Oh, and did I mention I couldn't find the changing pad? I used his burp rag (yes, it subsequently went straight into the wash) as a makeshift changing pad.. (its better than laying his bum in the sand, right?) I finally controlled the squirmy baby and managed to finish the change.

After we got home, I gave Sydney a bath. I realized it was my first time giving him a bath by myself. I figured, as long as I didn't drown him, things would turn out ok. It was way better than that. Sydney enjoyed the bath; no crying just a big grin on his face the whole time. He even figured out how to splash Daddy!

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