Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't Fumble

Way back when, when I used to play football, one of the things that my coaches stressed was, "Don't fumble". After all these years, the words still apply. Tonight was Sydney's first shower with Daddy. I was holding him and getting him wet. I kept thinking, "Just don't fumble". Once I got him wet, it was on to the next step... Soap. Now, I'm holding him with one arm, soaping him up with the other. Didn't think about the fact that a wet, soapy baby is one slippery unit. "Just don't fumble" I was concentrating extra hard to maintain a firm grip on the ball.. err, my son. In order to expose all parts to the soap and water, I had to do some re-shuffling; flips, inter-arm transfers, spins... I managed to complete all these without fumbling...

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