Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two for One (Sydney edition)

As many of you may know, Casey and Sydney were both born on the same day... Exactly two years apart. Today we celebrated Casey's 3rd birthday and Sydney's 1st birthday. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great turnout. Friends, family, a taco caterer and a balloon artist all helped us celebrate. Props to Mommy who did a wonderful job preparing. And a special thanks to cousin Ashley who spent a week with us, helping out. Without them, the party would not have happened.

Mommy baked him a personal birthday cake. All for him to do as he pleased.

Sydney spent most of his time looking around, and soaking everything in. This was quite possibly the biggest party he has experienced to date. In viewing the photos below, it should become obvious what the highlight of Sydney's day was... CAKE!!!

Sydney with his Nanny, Rei.

Sydney laughing at his big brother trying to blow out candles.

Just getting started on his personal birthday cake.

The damage isn't too bad so far... Yet.


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