Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last night, I took my boys on a walk to get the mail. Its not like we live out in the country, and have to walk miles to the mailbox... But, this was Sydney's first time walking to a destination. He was slow, but focused. He asked for my hand, and once I gave it to him, he held on to my finger and started out on his mission. He did great, and had a great time doing it. He was saying, "Ahblahhhblahhhahahahahablahhhh" pretty much the whole time, which loosely translates to, "Oh dude, oh dude, I'm walkin', check me out, I'm doin' it, yeah!" I think his big brother served as motivation, as Casey kept running a good distance ahead. But he kept within eyesight, and often came running back to Sydney and tickling him. At one point, he got on the other side of Sydney and offered his hand... With this support system, its no wonder Sydney had so much success!

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  1. sweet moment to have the bro bros helping each other. you'll have plenty of the other kind of moments as they grow up so enjoy this one :-)