Monday, February 6, 2012


There was a famous scene in the old movie "Caddyshack" where someone drops a chocolate bar in a crowded swimming pool... and chaos ensues. My boys reenacted that scene tonight. I was attempting to give both boys a bath, at the same time. I washed Sydney and stepped back to rest and stretch out my back. Both boys were splashing and playing in the bath water. I look at Sydney, and see a stream of pee coming out. No problem, it wasn't much pee, and the volume would be well diluted by the bath. Suddenly, I see a giant candy bar... 'Cept there is no possible way it was a candy bar. There is only one thing it could have been.. I had to think fast.. Evacuate the bath! I grabbed Sydney and pulled him out. I told Casey to let go of the bath toys, and get out. These days, he doesn't do it often, but this time, he listened, immediately. Thankfully, it was a rather solid log, so I had a few precious seconds to evacuate the bath before the contamination spread. I now realize the movie depiction wasn't very life-like. See, when the real thing is exposed to water, it begins to disintegrate. Little pieces fall off, and the log generally breaks up. In addition, the water slowly begins to get a muddy, brownish tint. My immediate focus was to save my boys from the contaminated water, I did not stop to photograph or video the disaster. Sorry.

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  1. Thanks for just taking action, photo necessary ;-) You are too funny!